Saturday, June 28, 2008

Damn the bugs and save the bananas.

During our hike I came face to face with a conundrum. As we neared the summit we were swarmed by a city of gnats. They were everywhere: in our eyes, dancing up our noses, singing in our ears and doing komikazi dives down our throats. Sure we were in their home, but you'd think they'd be better hosts. Later on as we continued to battle the small gnat army bent on our destruction Sarah informed me of a tragedy. Apparently bananas are getting viruses and are becoming extinct before our very eyes. It just makes you think, "How can there be so many of these lousy bugs when thousands of poor, delicious bananas are being killed everyday by so-called viruses who happen to be distant cousins of the very gnats which destroyed our early morning peace on the top of Mt. Oly."

1 comment:

holly jo said...

seriously, how can those gnats sleep at night? save the bananas. save yourself. everytime you kill a gnat, God laughs. Then he kills a banana.